Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hostage Monologue

Please don’t point
that gun at me.

I can crystal-gaze
looking into the barrel
and see my future
I see blue skies
and moonlight
mountains and
meadows. I feel
warm hugs and
stolen kisses.
I taste flavours
that will never be.
I hear heartening claps
and footsteps
of my great

That barrel
is a time machine,
I see my past
laid threadbare.
Of friends and school bells
my favourite blue plaid skirt.
Exam halls and first love
Mama’s dal
and dada’s eyes.
I see them all
looking into that
unpitying barrel.

Please don’t point
that gun at me.
It’s a tunnel with
no light at its end.
Here, let me put
this flower into that barrel.
It’s wilting
but it carries
the fragrance of my lover.

Please don’t point

(This was written right after the Mumbai terror attack)


Anonymous said...

hey smokey,
i dont even know what comment i wanna leave here, except for the fact that every word,line written here is something that i can relate to in totality.... it seems incredible....i wanted to comment on every post... and then i didnt want to for fear that i might spoil the sanctity of the words, the emotions, expressions of the purest form of human melancholy.... man, its mesmerizing...

smokecanopy said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad my words could make a difference. By the way, who's this please..?

Anonymous said...

i am still re-reading most of ur posts, :-)... getting a little intriguied and yeah, many lines still makes me nod an affirmation, with either a smile or wonder...i dont see an email id in ur profile info.... :-)

smokecanopy said...


Durga Nandan said...

Words are things,
You play on with. :)