Friday, November 21, 2008

Second Life

I’m a ghost.
But, unlike regular ghosts
that you’ve heard of,
you can see
and feel my presence.
I work, earn, play
feed, drink
befriend/ scare people,
make them laugh/ cry.

But still I’m a ghost.

Mirrors cannot reflect me
and there is no fire or
smoke when I smoke.
You can’t see me in the night
and I make a fast exit
from my daytime existence
even before you ask
“where you vanished?”

I dangle from
the dust-laden cobwebs
preying on unsuspecting dreams.
I feed on them
till they wither and dry up
and turn them into
stickier cobwebs.

This mansion I built
is dilapidated.
Moss and paint flakes
hold on to the moist walls.
Pedestrians still look
at this grand mansion
and ask “I haven’t seen him,
is he for real?”

That’s true.
Nobody sees me
when I choose not to be seen.
And I see nobody
when the choice is not to.

The Sun is rising
along with it a thousand
daisies are blooming.
I bundle up the sunrise
and daisies and laughter
into a hidden recess of
the hidden mansion
and change back
into the ghost
that I am
before I get late.


Gayathri said...

Dinesh, I cud sense the biting loneliness in this... you & loneliness.. how come?

smokecanopy said...

:) Not all that I write is about me. Ditto for this too... Yeah, I agree whatever I write of late is dark n sombre.. Will write about sunshine too the moment inspiration strikes!

Anonymous said...

ghosts need no love, need no companion, ghosts dont have lonely evenings & silent nights, ghosts have no dreams.... r u for real, really?

smokecanopy said...

Mr./ Ms. Anonymous
The classic western concept of ghosts - dracula - was not just about drinking blood. He was also about dreams, and a longing for love and companionship as in Bram Stoker's novel or in Nosferatu by Meranau and Andy Warhol's Blood for Dracula ( both movies). As for the question, whether I am for real, well, I've been seeking an answer for quite some time now! Whaddya think, am I for real? :)

Anonymous said...

:-), no one's for real... the "i am" is certain...the "i am this...." is not... Bhagavad Gita. As far as ghosts go, i guess u r real...maybe u r right abt those movies, but ghosts haunt, oh the haunting... just the way life does... :-)

smokecanopy said...

I am real and I ain't no ghost writer! :) Yes, I, aham, is the only certainty. Everything else is Maya and that belief, though irrelevant in this material world, is some consolation, right?

Durga Nandan said...

something I really relate to.. Identity Crisis. "who am i? am i for real.." And all that what confuse me.. :)
Finally I decided I would nt brood over that anymore. ;)