Friday, August 15, 2008

Wet Freedom

It has been pouring
in the city.
The whole day it poured
cats and dogs fell
from the dank sky
on to damp city
growling barking
meowing yelping
from the overflowing
drainage and
sinking streets.
A butterfly
on the sidewalk
wings water-stuck
hiding between the fallen leaves
and hurrying footsteps.
Birds preen their wet feathers
the shivering
gulmohar leaves
wet their feathers again.
A woman hurriedly walking
tries to loosen
the wet Nike Tshirt
clinging to her bosom.
Buckets of cloud
prepare for the next mourning
while the city celebrates
its dependence.


Anonymous said...

lovely. freedom. rain. dependence.... an unexpected finish... isnt that what life is all about... trying to expect the unexpected...

smokecanopy said...

Thank you. And you are right. Life is thrilling only when the unexpected happens. And, from a metaphysical point of view, there is always something unexpected hidden within the expected. It's just that our eyes and brains prefer not to see it, for convenience sake.