Friday, July 18, 2008


Grey and knitted
branded Monte Carlo
patiently waiting
inside my ol' wardrobe
for summer to die.

Oh, how I hate death
and winter.


Gayathri said...

Dinesh, this is scary, poignant, so metaphysical... and beautiful! Reminds me of Donne's 'Death be not proud'..
Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

metaphysical...hhhmmm...If there is one thing in life that continues to leave us puzzled beyond all our acquired wisdom – it is Life itself. Humans are born to, eventually, die. But despite this awareness and the multitude of sufferings and ugly paradoxes that often pushes one to the edge of our sanity, there develops a strange affection to the very activity of living. Its one of those mystical allusions beyond the scope of any human wisdom..... i guess i dont mind death, but winter kills that an oxymoron, by the way??? :-)

smokecanopy said...

The question is, what's more puzzling, life or death? From my perspective, fearlessness of death and fear of winter could be an oxymoron, but, in a greater sense, it isn't. After all, winter passes us by, death doesn't.

Durga Nandan said...

Short, crisp and beautiful. :)