Monday, February 11, 2008


You said two plus one is two.
I say two plus one is three.

Divide the bodies, multiply the souls
Subtract the emotions.
Add despondence.
What we get is what we have – three.

But you squared yourself
and shared in percentages.
Mistake. All you got was an empty circle.
Or, at the most, two.

May be you should’ve known
Three is a primary number.
You can only divide it with one
and not with two.

Know your balance
when you are the divisor.
May be you should also know
while into geometric
progression you just might
touch infinity.

And, I. I am counting the right angles
in every given corner
within my radius,
without a compass.


Anonymous said...

ooooopppphhhh..... this one swished past me 20000 feet over my head.... seems like modern art, glance from a distance, make some non-committal noises & pretend to be artistic... my math teacher never liked me and the feeling was mutual....

smokecanopy said...

I am not surprised, since this rose from an intensely personal experience. I never wanted others to understand it, so shrouded it in elusive mystery :) May be, if I explain the background you will get it. But I can't, on a public platform like this. Btw, I love the last line in your comment hahahahaha!!

Durga Nandan said...

The mathematics of life. :) How I love the way you express.. :)